2017 Standard Points League Blog

9 Sep, 2017
2017 Standard Points League Blog

Week 3 lineup - September 22, 2017

Who knew that the Rams/Niners Thursday night game would be such an offensive bonanza.  Pierre Garcon had a great night and now I find myself with a 6 point advantage heading into this weekend's games.  I was able to pick up Ben Watson to replace Greg Olson now that he's on IR.  I might swap out Lamar Miller with Derrick Henry before Sunday but I'm waiting to see Demarco Murray's status (and it doesn't look good right now.)  I'm hoping I can chalk my first win because this is a decent team, I've just gotten screwed by last minute TDs the past two weeks!

Week 2 final - September 20, 2017

I'm labeling this team my Sad Sack team because for the second week in a row a meaningless, late touchdown - this time by Ty Montgomery - wrecks my team and I lose by less than 5 points.  I also lose Greg Olsen. Of course I had a chance to win this on Monday night, with Golden Tate needing 8 points, so of course he only gets targeted 4 times and gets me 25 yards!  Frankly, I knew this game was lost on Sunday night when Montgomery scored that TD.  The good news is I have Buck Allen and Derrick Henry on my bench and they are both looking really good right now.  I also picked up Ben Watson for my TE.

Week 2 Lineup - September 16, 2017

I get Winston back for this week and I'm starting him over Bradford, even though Bradford had a great week 1.  Lamar Miller pretty did as expected on Thursday night and I have a very slight edge for the week.  I have the honorable mention of being the best loser as I have the highest score amongst the 0-1 teams (4th highest points overall), so a win this weekend would push me up significantly in the rankings.

Week 1 Final

I was robbed people.  I had a 10+ point advantage heading into the very end of the New Orleans/Minneapolis game.  Then I have to watch Drew Brees in his final drive use Ingram and then Fleener for the TD and he pushes ahead of me right at the very end!  Losing a game on a meaningless touchdown always hurts, people!

, people! 


Week 1 lineup - September 9, 2017

I drafted both Jameis Winston and Andrew Luck and neither of them are playing week 1.  So I was able to pick up Sam Bradford but his value hurts my team this week.  Then on Thursday night, Mike Gillislee gets 3 touchdowns, so I am really under the gun for week 1.  I am facing a 15 point projected deficit this week.  I can only hope that some of my guys have a big week!

September 9, 2017

This was the standard points league that I annihilated last season.  Hey, when you pick David Johnson, Mike Evans and LeSean McCoy with your first 3 picks you're going to have a good season regardless.  Nevertheless, I scored the most points in this league and easily won the championship.  I really consider the league that I drafted last season as my single best draft I have ever conducted and I had 7 players that I drafted participate in the campionship game in week 16 - that's pretty damn good!  So the pressure is on and for the third time this season I end up with the 6th pick.  The draft took place on Monday, September 4th. 

The league has the following positions:  QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, Flex (W/R/T), K, DEF, 6 Bench. 

Here are my draft results:

Fargin Bastich
1. (6) Devonta Freeman (Atl - RB)
2. (19) Amari Cooper (Oak - WR)
3. (30) Lamar Miller (Hou - RB)
4. (43) Greg Olsen (Car - TE)
5. (54) Golden Tate (Det - WR)
6. (67) Derrick Henry (Ten - RB)
7. (78) Jameis Winston (TB - QB)
8. (91) Pierre Garcon (SF - WR)
9. (102) Paul Perkins (NYG - RB)
10. (115) Andrew Luck (Ind - QB)
11. (126) Ted Ginn Jr. (NO - WR)
12. (139) Eddie Lacy (Sea - RB)
13. (150) Robby Anderson (NYJ - WR)
14. (163) Baltimore (Bal - DEF)
15. (174) Chris Boswell (Pit - K)
16. (187) DeAndre Washington (Oak - RB)

Once again, Yahoo gives me a "B" grade and says I'm going to be in contention for the playoffs (projected finish 5th), the top 6 go to the playoffs.

Author: Jim Kutsko