2017 Custom Points League Blog

9 Sep, 2017
2017 Custom Points League Blog

Week 3 lineup - September 22, 2017

My undefeated team is suddently in jeopardy after Carlos Hyde scores 27.4 points for the opposition on Thursday night.  That means I am now the slight underdog (by 2 points) heading into this weekend's games.  My opponent has some serious questions at some of their positions right now, thought.  Demarco Murray may not even play and Jordan Reed is always injured.  His backups are significant downgrades so I'm feeling confident that this team can go 3-0. 

Week 2 final - September 20, 2017

#1 in the rankings and #1 in points scored!  Take that Yahoo "C" draft rating!  Rob Kelley's rib fracture hurts, but I have Chris Carson on the bench.  I'm rolling with what I got for week 3!

Week 2 lineup - September 16, 2017

Even though I played AJ Green and he played Tyler Eifert on Thursday night, Green scored significanly more below his projections and therefore I am in a deficit for the upcoming weekend.  I was able to pick up Chris Carson and Devante Parker is back, but I'm starting Terrance West in front of both of them.  I'm probably going to switch Parker for West now that I think about it.

Week 1 final

Week 1 was a pleasant surprise for this team as I pull off the victory and score the most points in the league!  Big performances from Montgomery, Thelien and the Rams defense scored me more points than projected, which was hard to do by anyone in week 1!


Week 1 lineup - September 9, 2017

I'm feeling good about this week, even though I had to bench Davante Parker because of the Hurricane.  My opponent played Kelce and the KC defense, and neither did anything on Thursday night.  So I have a slight advantage on projected points.  I like most of my matchups this week and think I can pull off the victory here.

September 9th, 2017

This is my friends league that I've been playing in since the early 2000s.  This is a crazy points league and this year we changed from a PPR league (Point Per Reception) to a PPFD (Point Per First Down) league.  We severely discount QBs also with 1 point for every 35 passing yards and only 3 points for passing TDs.  This league also scores points for return yards (20 yards = 1 point).  I won this league in 2015 but then followed that up with a horrible draft and a 9th place finish last season.  So I really need to redeem myself this season, unfortunately Yahoo thinks I totally botched it again.  They rated my draft a "C" and projected a 10 place finish.  Here was my draft order.

The roster is:  QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 Flex (R/W/T), K, DEF, 5 bench slots

1. (11) A.J. Green (Cin - WR)
2. (14) Christian McCaffrey (Car - RB)
3. (35) Ty Montgomery (GB - RB)
4. (38) Michael Crabtree (Oak - WR)
5. (59) Cam Newton (Car - QB)
6. (62) DeVante Parker (Mia - WR)
7. (83) Rob Kelley (Was - RB)
8. (86) Kyle Rudolph (Min - TE)
9. (107) Terrance West (Bal - RB)
10. (110) Ted Ginn Jr. (NO - WR)
11. (131) Adam Thielen (Min - WR)
12. (134) Andy Dalton (Cin - QB)
13. (155) James White (NE - RB)
14. (158) Los Angeles (LAR - DEF)
15. (179) Chris Boswell (Pit - K)

Yahoo really hated the fact that I passed up a ton of players to grab McCaffrey in the 2nd round.  However, Yahoo has him severely undervalued because it didn't include any special teams yards in his point calculations.  He's going to be returning punts and some kickoffs and I think he can get a 1000 return yards (50 points) this season.  I like this team more than Yahoo, so we'll see what happens here. 

Author: Jim Kutsko