2017 Experts League, half pt. PPR Blog

9 Sep, 2017
2017 Experts League, half pt. PPR Blog

Week 3 lineup - September 22, 2017

So I was able to pick up Ben Watson as my TE now that Greg Olsen is on IR.  I also picked up Marcus Wheaton to replace Corey Coleman, who is also on IR.  I get to play the team that won the draft but unfortunately took David Johnson, so both of our teams are winless and hurting.  I'm surprised Brandon didn't start Pierre Garcon, though.  He's sitting on her bench when she has players like Kenny Britt in a flex position.  She's also starting two TEs, go figure.  I am favored, but so far that has meant nothing in this league - at least one of us will have a win this weekend!

Week 2 final - September 20, 2017

Ugh, this team is a mess.  I thought I was set after Zeke's suspension was lifted, but this team has 99 problems and I'm not sure how I'm going to bounce back from this.  First of all, I lose Greg Olsen and Corey Coleman to injury, which sucks.  Mike Wallace is a total dud and is on my bench for one more week before getting dumped.  Matt Ryan and Zeke have been underwhelming at best.  The good news is I have Jarvis Landry and Marvin Jones on my bench.  I was able to pick up Ben Watson as a replacement TE.

Week 2 lineup - September 16, 2017

Looking to bounce back in week 2,  this team turned in the weakest performance of all my teams in week 1 so I'm hoping for better days ahead.  I am benching Jarvis Landry due to his limited practice on Friday.  I was also able to pick up Tarik Cohen and I hope he can continue to be as effective as he was on week 1.  I open with a 10 point projected advantage and neither of us had any players play on Thursday night.


Week 1 final

Just a terrible week as I blow that huge advntage and actually lose by 18 points!  Mike Wallace and Greg Olsen just killed me with a near invisible performance and nobody on my team siginifiantly outperformed their expectations, even Zeke.


Week 1 Lineup - September 9th, 2017

Things are looking up for me.  First I get Zeke which is a huge upgrade for the team.  Second, Tom Brady and Gronk really laid an egg on Thursday night, so I have a 25 point projected advantage over this team right now!  I had to bench Jarvis Landry because the MIami-Tampa Bay game has been postponed to week 11 because of the Hurricane (My opponent has Jacquizz Rodgers benched).  I also decided to bench Donte Moncrief as the matchup sucks this week against Los Angeles with Andrew Luck being out.

September 9, 2017

One of the highlights of my trip to The Fantasy Football Sports Show in Toronoto, Canada was getting to join the Experts league with people from The Fantasy Footballers, HER Fantasy Football and The Fantasy Football Counselor.  This is a half point PPR league, 12 teams and a lineup which includes QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 Flex (R/W), 1 Flex (R/W/T), 6 Bench slots.  There are no kickers and no team Defenses.  The draft took place on August 25th.

I got the 6th pick and got the following team:

Jimmie Maverick
1. (7) Devonta Freeman (Atl - RB)
2. (18) Ezekiel Elliott (Dal - RB)
3. (31) Demaryius Thomas (Den - WR)
4. (42) Greg Olsen (Car - TE)
5. (55) Jarvis Landry (Mia - WR)
6. (66) Eddie Lacy (Sea - RB)
7. (79) Donte Moncrief (Ind - WR)
8. (90) Matt Ryan (Atl - QB)
9. (103) James White (NE - RB)
10. (114) Marvin Jones Jr. (Det - WR)
11. (127) Corey Coleman (Cle - WR)
12. (138) Mike Wallace (Bal - WR)
13. (151) Latavius Murray (Min - RB)
14. (162) Taylor Gabriel (Atl - WR)
15. (175) Robert Woods (LAR - WR)

Yahoo gave me a "B" grade on the team and predicted I would be in contention for a playoff spot (5th place), but since that time Zeke's suspension has been blocked by the courts and it looks like he will play the full season which greatly strengthens my team!  I was a little disappointed as my RB corps outside of the top two is really weak and that could be a problem for me.  I was not expecting the RBs to be picked as aggressively as they were, it was like the carcass got picked clean when it came to basically every RB, backup and speculative play this season.  I had a chance to take Tevin Coleman in the 6th but I passed on him because I already had Freeman and I picked Eddie Lacy instead (and his draft stock has plunged since this draft was completed).  Since the draft I dropped Robert Woods and have picked up Giovani Bernard.

Author: Jim Kutsko